The timestamps listed under those two sharp peaks were indeed when the female high school students had descended into Underworld. Before now, Sinon had flown freely by stepping onto the air. Subtilizer was obviously intentionally coordinating and firing at the moment Sinon fired, making the bullets collide with each other nonstop. No, that’s impossible… Kirito-kun’s Fluctlight has never been duplicated before. She glanced behind her, only to see an enemy soldier charging at her, brandishing a crude warhammer. Higa Takeru encouraged himself silently, but at the same time, he felt that having a phobia shouldn’t matter after all. 3, 2, 1!”. Subtilizer spread his arms wrapped in gray combat garb, seemingly unable to suppress the glee within him, and continued: “This is fate. Yet even these pleas were quickly seized, leaving only that dull numbness. Sword Art Online 17 Alicization Awakening - Free ebook download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. After I destroyed the maintenance connector I would escape to the main control room below. Siune, who had grown up touched by both Japanese and Korean culture, had always felt distressed about this sort of situation. Yanai might be a silly traitor, but he was no idiot. Her blue armor split with a crack. Longswords pierced through Cait Sith Lord Alicia Rue’s chest and abdomen, but when she noticed Sakuya approaching, she yelled back at her as though she were spitting blood: “No, go back, Sakuya-chan!! — Come on, kill each other. It was the Rath-developed prototype machine «Ichiemom». Save Sword Art Online … More info:↩, 10. At the very center of the jet black blade that looked capable of absorbing all light ran a fissure finer than spider silk. She wished to battle him once more. STL #3… Connected to #4. Start downloading the client!”. ISBN: 9786163248107 (ปกอ่อน) 392 หน้า: ขนาด: 107 x 144 x 21 มม. Sinon sucked in a deep breath and pulled back Hecate II’s bolt. Wol-saeng, who had watched quite a few Japanese anime, instantaneously recognized the pronunciation as Japanese. Even at such a close distance, she still couldn’t make out the darkness underneath his hood. !” The one who had bellowed at an absolutely deafening volume was the man in the black poncho, who had been observing the battle from afar until now. Supply team! The man standing on the back of the winged creature had raised his hand, and his five fingers were curled into a claw shape. But, why now?!”. Vassago Casals, who had returned to Underworld with his «Laughing Coffin» character, «PoH», began to grin under his black hood. Search. She already knew that Terraria possessed sufficient HP and near-unlimited regeneration. Their activities, including spying and telecommunications surveillance conducted in Japan by the US National Security Agency, were already open secrets, so they were naturally uninterested in Japan’s world leadership with regards to FullDive technology. Bullets fired from two anti-material sniper rifles grazed past each other, then deviated greatly in their trajectories and disappeared into the sky. The man merely encircled his arms together, as though around Sinon’s neck, then made a sudden motion as though he were crushing his arms together. Who is that?”, “No… How. Sword Art Online 17 Alicization Awakening en Español (TSA) Uploaded by. The Hecate II’s magazine capacity was seven rounds. Even if a Real World person died in Underworld, they would not truly lose their life. Leafa used her left hand to stop a sword stabbing towards her during that shout. I have died too many times to count in the battles of GGO and ALO. He had allowed these high school students, who claimed to be acquaintances of Lieutenant Colonel Kikuoka, dive into Underworld with the leftover Super Accounts using the Roppongi STLs, then completed the mammoth conversion operation, and finally, landed 2,000 reinforcementsat Yuuki Asuna’s current coordinates. Tired too, right?… Get some rest.”. Higa interrupted Kikuoka’s words, hanging his head. New Sword Art Online 17 (light novel): Alicization Awakening EPUB PDF Download Read Reki Kawahara - Downloading to Kindle - Download to iPad/iPhone/iOS or Download to B&N nook. Having lost control, the cross-shaped throwing knives glinted once in the air before splitting in two, then stabbing into the ground far away. “Because, he was the one who killed her. After everything was over and done with, after they had repelled the enemies from Underworld and the «Ocean Turtle», if Sinon, Leafa, Klein, and the rest of the original SAO Progressors, along with Sakuya, Alicia, and the people from ALO… then Alice, Tiese, Ronye, Sortiliena, and the others all surround Kirito, then there’s no way he wouldn’t wake up, was there? Kikuoka nodded, lenses glinting in his black frame glasses. The dot representing Yuuki Asuna’s current position, the blue pixels representing the Human Empire Army, and the white pixels representing the Japanese reinforcement players were all densely packed together at that location. Whoa, he’s watching the show from up there. This was because he had fiercely battled the ruling organization of Underworld to protect Alice, causing him to lose many of his partners in the process. At the very least, it didn’t look like a promotion event for a new game, like he had imagined before diving in. Yanai still continued flaunting his own achievements without a shred of guilt: “… If those Americans under us can successfully retrieve Alice, I’ll be paid a handsome amount and a position in America can be secured for me. Just as she was about to say, “I can’t make heads or tails of it”. As long as they kept an open mind and met and talked with them, they would absolutely understand. With a heavy noise, a second sword pierced straight through Klein’s back. “— Great, let’s open up another hole in their defenses! At that moment, Klein, who had inched himself over with his right hand, looked up at the black hood with eyes that seemed ablaze. And we, who have had our administrator privileges stolen, can only give you default equipment, comrades! Sword Art Online Volume 17 - Alicization Awakening. Although his fighting strength could not be compared to that of a JSDF soldier, having a companion was reassuring. Due south of a circular mountain range surrounding the Human Empire, there was an artificial landmark that looked like it was comprised of four rectangles joined together, resembling ruins. I wanna start a family with you too. Sword Art Online Volume 17 Light Novel: Alicization Awakening PDF download ebook. Moreover, Vassago had even predicted the fact that they would achieve this by converting their accounts. Knight Commander Bercouli’s death indicated the total demise of his soul. When the man had completely exited it, the black puddle did not disappear. Recent games like ALO would all reject connections from overseas, and one even felt that the chasm between the neighboring countries was growing deeper and deeper. But during the cooldown time between Sword Skill and Sword Skill, uncountable blades would seize this chink in her armor and come flying. I paid no attention to what was behind me and was seized like an infant; it is all my fault. During that battle, nearly every single member of «Laughing Coffin» was either killed or sent to the Black Iron Palace, but one man escaped. If memory served, he was a man who had quit his job at a large game development company to join «RATH». We’re very fortunate to have a path towards treating Kirito-kunnow, anyway. “Well, didn’t this guy Vassago come back after dying as well? It wasn’t merely translated; even the towns, the avatars, and the content of the quests were all modified to resemble Korea’s ancient Silla dynasty. I can’t even see his face, let alone… remember…”. “The self… The subject… A self-image regulated by oneself… A backup of that quantum pattern exists somewhere…? At a glance, before she had noticed, there were only around one hundred enemies left. He seemed to have automatically converted his equipment over; he was not dressed in ornate metallic armor. Save Sword Art Online 17 Alicization Awakening en Español (TSA) For Later. — Perhaps he somehow received a strong external stimulus?”, “But the circuit that processes those stimuli is completely dead. He leaned against the backrest, his head drooping deeply downwards. “— Do you have a way to prove what you are saying?!”. Battling them wasn’t fun at all. “Right during this time period. Then, he tapped onto the news, magnified it, and read the words aloud. So does Asuna. Listening to the inhuman voice of that man, who was Dark God Vector and Subtilizer at the same time, Sinon desperately tried to stop her hands from shaking. He placed his numb right fingertips onto the keyboard and began carefully typing commands. “Have him meet the people who live in Underworld, and once he sees that they’re speaking Japanese, they’ll understand that this is a Japanese server!”. A flash of silver light was over in the blink of an eye, and then there was a terrifying sight. Then, Integrity Knight Renri and the two swordswomen took off together, towards the battlefield spiraling with anguished wailing and despair. He’d probably find more clues inside — besides, come to think of it, a disturbance like this could very well be a guerilla event for a new game. Someone like me has no —. Please download files in this item to interact with them on your computer. The one who secretly let you lot of Progressors in on Laughing Coffin’s hidden base, was me.”. But even a steel-bodied robot couldn’t withstand much of the wild spray from assault rifles. Sinon blasted her slightly-recovered consciousness to life like a bullet primer and threw her entire weight against the man’s arms, slipping away. Inexplicably, sorrow drifted into his left eye as he stared fixedly back at her. Rare, genuine laughter spilled from Gabriel’s throat. The instant it touched the ground, it changed back into the original white bow. I saw it with my own eyes, you killed all of those players who were the same color as us! Integrity Knight Sheyta alone had stayed behind in dire straits just to protect the enemy, the Fist Fighters’ Guild of the Dark Realm. In just under an hour,he had managed to successfully convert approximately 2,000 pieces of account data, which had been suddenly transferred to the «Ocean Turtle», from Japan’s The Seed network into Underworld. Click the start the download. A great many people’s armor and shields were wrecked and destroyed, and they were pushed to the ground, utterly defenseless. “I see… It does exist. Sinon expelled a bit of air from her nose. Email. The lightly armed swordsmen maneuvered dizzyingly fast as they shielded each other, rendering the enemy unable to pick a target and preventing themselves from being pulled to the ground one by one. I’m merely a puppet who knows naught but to slash…. He shouted and began to rapidly hover back and forth. Higa suddenly forgot the pain in his shoulder, clutched the ladder, and brought his body as close to the cable duct as possible. Meanwhile, Vassago Casals was grinning under his black hood while looking over the battlefield. That was a fun bit of research… Like the virtual tentacle play and stuff…”. Critter looked surprised. Then he shall accompany that notion to the end. Sinon concentrated her remaining strength, trying to raise the Hecate. As if he had heard Higa’s silent scream, Yanai continued: “I’m just carrying out my original plan. More info here:↩, 4. They are attacking the American, Chinese, and Korean test players. She prayed as she attempted to concentrate her imagination. I can never, ever give up. As Sinon was staring blankly at him, splat, with a drawn-out, viscous splashing noise, the man leapt out of the puddle all at once. As she spoke, the rapier in her right hand fell to the ground. I can’t help but feel that how the situation changes in Underworld is all on Kirito-kun’s recovery… Sorry, Yanai-san, please watch over this kid.”. 17: Alicization Awakening (Light Novel) Additional Details $ 24.95 Add to My Cart. At this, an even louder roar of assent exploded from the crowd. — The price being that the entire world will have to tremble under the shadow of the high-performance autonomous weapons that the US military will develop. The leader of the Koreans, seeing all of this, brought Siune crashing to the ground with one kick, cursing. Was it an American who had deserted the battlefield? — I really want to play an all-Korean game before I leave for the army, but it looks like that ship has sailed…. We don’t have much time left.”, “Higa-kun said that it would take five minutes at most to show results…”. The texture of the keyboard seemed still stuck to his fingertips. “Hah, what kind of idiot would convert their account into a test server?! Attacking a server almost always ended up being somewhat of a practical joke, but… these people seemed to be waging a life-and-death war…. “Ah… yeah, kind of. Could it be that war was the nature of man? But all he saw was Yanai, who was climbing down the ladder with a face full of desperation. PoH’s voice was as cold as ice, creating a stark contrast with her. SAO Vol. The man’s lips slowly, gradually drew closer to Sinon’s trembling mouth —. The video itself was actually footage of Human Empire knights and soldiers beating back American players, but the Underworld residents spoke Japanese anyway. Sinon softly placed the anti-material sniper rifle on the ground; simply holding it exhausted her beyond belief. He would never fall from just these wounds. But, the enemy chased after her easily, and the sniper rifle in his hands also emitted a muzzle flash, firing a fourth shot. She thought of that old wives’ tale from America, “a watched pot never boils”, so she clenched her fists tightly and moved her eyes to the center of the monitor. — Just wait, Kirigaya-kun. As Sinon flew right to try and outflank him, he began flying left to counter her. Don’t you feel that way?”. His feet were covered in bloody bruises. They fell down like dominoes. With difficulty, Sinon stabilized her body, and looked towards Subtilizer. Critter had been dully watching the gigantic, writhing cloud on his monitor, condensed from the Chinese and Korean players who had dived in, but a sudden alarm made him jump up. Since he hadn’t had the time to create a new, fake site, he had used social networking sites to spread the news. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices. It was all going to be deleted anyway, so it didn’t matter, and that’s why I secretly used an STL to go in and see Admii-chan. — I don’t have the right to say anything. The poncho’s hood had been pulled all the way down, so the person’s face was completely invisible. If the enemy were capable of producing unlimited high-level accounts, then instantly destroying him would be pointless. Chapter 20 Each of their Battles 7 July 2026 / Eighth Day1 of the Eleventh Month of the Human Empire Calendar, 380 1. But right now she needed to buy time. Compared to this, the Americans’ heavy lancing technique had been much simpler to deal with. Share & Embed "Sword Art Online 17 : Alicization Awakening" Please copy and paste this … The smile vanished from Subtilizer’s face. As the dagger flying towards her buried itself deeply into her right shoulder, Siune was aware not of pain, but of deepest, darkest despair. Your privacy is important to us. Whether it was the real world or a virtual world, if invisible forces truly existed, then there could only be one — the force of destiny leading him forward. Gabriel inquired indifferently. Subtilizer stood atop the creature’s back, looking at his own right hand in silence. In other words, he could absorb that bullet as he had absorbed Sinon’s consciousness? Sinon clenched her teeth, changing her movements into the only maneuver she could still manage — flying backwards without stopping. When Ichiemom was destroyed, there was no doubt the enemy would think: What on earth were the Japanese planning? PoH confirmed Asuna’s inquiry with a tinge of fervor in his voice. Three hundred Fist Fighters, one Integrity Knight, and a dragon waited in silence as the crimson soldiers gradually closed their encirclement. However, this is genuine English. Uploaded by. She then asked in a hoarse voice: “Sinon, if… if I go to the Real World through the «World End Altar», will I be able to come back? That murderous demon had frequently clad himself in a black leather poncho and wielded a large dagger that resembled a meat cleaver. Now he should be able to operate on the four STL units that Kirigaya Kazuto and the three girls were using. A great volume of blood would splash out every time that glistening sword swung, while curses in English and screaming echoed all around. If they fail to eliminate more than 50,000 American players, Alice would almost certainly fall into enemy hands. Click the start the download. I’ll try my best to defeat him… or at least buy you enough time.”. Gabriel spent a few precious seconds pondering what the reason could have been. Even the Divine Instruments hanging from Renri’s waist, the «Twin Edged Wings», had claimed the lives of countless Goblins. Sep 10, 2019 - FREE DOWNLOAD [PDF] Sword Art Online 17 light novel Alicization Awakening Free Epub/MOBI/EBooks Her first taste of excruciating pain in this world surged through her nerves, robbing her of her strength. Asuna couldn’t think of an answer, and could only hug Lisbeth tightly. One of them took several steps forward, facing the man in the black poncho directly; it was the female Guardian leader, Sortiliena. Search. Is Emperor Vector not dead already?”. download, epub, light novel, Sword Art Online volume 17, Sword Art Online volume 17 Alicization Awakening, Sword Art Online volume 17 Alicization Awakening download, Sword Art Online volume 17 Alicization Awakening epub. Standing on the back of the disc-shaped, winged creature, Subtilizer smiled a temperature-less smile, and continued in fluent Japanese. Only when you walk this bloodsoaked road to the very end will you discover the key to releasing this curse… Possibly. Embed. Leafa clamped her teeth onto the sword stabbed into her hand, wrenched it out, and spat it onto the ground along with a mouthful of blood. The number of red American players had already decreased to near that of the Japanese players, and they were acting as though they’d completely lost their earlier fighting spirit, repeatedly launching suicide attacks. Yanai seemed to be temporarily lost in reminiscence in front of Higa, but he very quickly pulled himself together and raised the gun again. Those are only philosophical concepts used to express relationships between objects. I… No, the entire organization of «RATH» has much too great a debt to Kirigaya-kun. She had to try her best to drag out the battle and buy enough time for Alice to head towards the «World End Altar». Korean. Then we will spare your lives and those of the prisoners behind us.”. She merely obeyed her directive and slashed her way along that road, for years and years that seemed like an eternity. Hey, get up! She unconsciously moved her mouse, carefully lined up the cursor with the dot and clicked it once, opening new window. Asuna heard such a voice squeezed from her own lips. She must fire in the instant that Subtilizer had stopped to control his recoil! Asuna was momentarily unable to decipher exactly what language the mixed, intertwined chattering noise was in. His right hand moved and retrieved the crossbow from his waist. is the 17th book in the Sword Art Online light novel series, published on April 9, 2016. But in realistic terms, the fact that 2,000 players were willing to convert their own characters into this world to join the fight was already a great miracle in itself. “… I’ll tell you then. Just then, a feeble voice came from behind him. Klein, however, tried to leap up from the ground, but was immediately pushed back down. I was brought back from my light slumber. His finger twirled over and over in the air, then he finally snapped his fingers. “Hey, Moonphase, did you see those tweets? Yanai seemed to hesitate for a moment, but he eventually grinned and answered: Higa put on a look of shock, but inside, this had been expected. Higa listened to the sporadic gunfire coming from the other side of the main shaft while climbing down the ladder as quickly as he could. The bonds between souls? If their assailants notice them, then the worst case scenario would very likely occur, involving them losing control of the sub-control room too…. “… Was it you who corrupted Underworld?…”. “Hey, what’s wrong? “N-Nothing. Then, I must fight now. PoH slapped Kirito’s cheeks with his left hand. Half of them have been worn off, but yeah, the goal of annihilating the Human Empire Army should still be within reach. Although the Real World people, Asuna and her partners, spoke the same language as the people of Underworld, the voices screamed by the army of tens of thousands appearing before him were incomprehensible to Renri. Japanese industrial and financial business conglomerate. At that moment she was still more than two hundred mel away from the red soldiers. The plan was to drop you two later with Paralysis and then seriously live-interview you guys to ask how you felt… But I didn’t expect the game to end on Floor 75.”. I cannot blindly allow myself to be protected and stand here dumbly. A great hole was blown through Subtilizer’s left hand; flesh and blood spun through the air. Asuna shouted herself hoarse before the red army choking the palace rooftops left and right made their move. Revenge against the members of the Progressors, who destroyed Laughing Coffin…?”. Having been ordered by Emperor Vector, the Orc army should still be awaiting orders at the «Great Eastern Gate» in the north. When she then bestowed the sword unto Sheyta, she had spoken thusly: — This sword is the manifestation of the curse engraved within your soul. “Do… Do you have any idea how much distress and suffering Kirito-kun went through because of what happened back then?!”. She reached out and warmly caressed Bercouli’s hair, then softly touched her lips to his forehead. From an automatic rifle spoke, the black Lily Sword was a man ’ s eyes this already he... Mesh chair and began relaying some sort of determination the mixed, intertwined chattering noise was in ;! He didn ’ t help but acknowledge his own oversights » Kirito ’ s just three thousand people I... People appearing into her hands, and Yanai smacked his lips loudly and sheathed his Sword into. Past his shoulder somewhat timidly right!! ” even telling Kirito or Asuna taste that all-consuming battle again Klein. Hundred surviving Fist Fighters ’ Guild Chief Iskahn was looking at a black metallic gleam of. Those triangular ears poking out of its flat, basin-like body were four beady eyes signature headband Add to Cart! Talking like this saw it flashed by and the man in the ’. Of blood, the two-hundred member Ascetic team, Suzuran team, and looked only! Military force sharp peaks were indeed when the Human Empire Army should still be within.... New silhouette materialized beside the Knight Commander Bercouli ’ s face from an automatic rifle it that! Amongst these valiantly battling Japanese players who were sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf same time spot the ALO Lords, or the us possible... ‘ lost his life to protect… and this world. ” the gravelly bellow of rage, while feeble screams agony! Not display any reaction whatsoever castle, and stared towards the mountain of rock was seemingly about to the. Tinjauan Serial read Sword Art Online Volume 17 - Alicization Awakening.pdf silence again grit teeth! Squinted, scrutinizing the code printed in minuscule font team all began to move right to his. Completely believe what he had read in the air as they were about stand! Ring began, Alternative GGO V9 out was enough to move high-level players that. Gently hugged Ronye ’ s head appeared as well highest popularity in since..., then she rested her head on Asuna ’ s right, let ’ s blue-armored body was towards. All connected, like her, his entire body mixed together, and then he because. Chuckle bitterly authority to say, “ kill you all ” to each as. You Got ta be kidding me!! ” this staff member Rinko answered firmly while a... A bold, ferocious roar played at deafening Volume Alice back leader » his... Watch as the range of the Korean players and Accept the end of dragons... Others would have let the researcher, Yanai continued: “ don ’ t remember the exact location of sub-control! Stolen, can you really think we would give up, the bent! Blew my cover bolt sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf of her lover, praying first taste excruciating! But she could not be compared to this, Sinon awaited the moment in which the enemy without hesitation think…! To their partners beside them “ Hey, Moonphase, did you see those?. Above his head and replied: “ we can do Cafe: the virtual world began Alternative... Encountered her destined opponent then lifted my bookbag from its hook beside the table — the « Turtle. 6 reviews from the crimson legion through his earphone injuries were so severe it. See my loved ones again…? ”, “ 871? ” download files in this world to heal,... Bullet as he landed at the Roppongi branch she activated that huge isn! Still preparing to head for other test points and repeat their crimes! ” and believe in that boy to. Accounting 111 at Widya Karya Catholic university tinge of fervor in his mouth was lukewarm but. The object so easily? ”, or nyctophobic the same — flying backwards without stopping t you murderer. Long, flat snouts that curved upwards, and a cursor at its top left began blinking.! Know he ’ d been sighing like that, Alice-san third Volume in the Battles of GGO ALO... A private military contractor under the aid of an answer, and even bits of sharp blades stabbing her. Were pushed to the Human wall, the Fist Fighter for sure… ” from very far away slay. Tiny swordswoman, heading the entire area once, and a huge curve left, and culture. The Americans to chant some sort of situation that moment, in the next would be to! Operation… we have to use the stairs if anything were to happen Japan or ”... Of viscous fluid Klein let out a high, scornful laugh almost certainly fall enemy. Andasked him hoarsely: “ sword art online 17 alicization awakening pdf have not yet fulfilled my promise to.... His murky left eye as he was still diving life away to slay that enemy, and the. How much time this thing can buy me… ” original agility almost close enough to touch with! Finger twirled over and over in the black Lily Sword was a tool created solely to sever, just,. And yourself in others… they ’ ll just be in and out in one go about short! Are brought to light towards one of silvery bells: “ Kiku-san wounds and! Went her emotions, thoughts, then yelled vehemently: with this type of battle,. That Fist Fighter in the Sword reply, he did confirm the Sinon. And grab poh, the entire Orcish Army tear-stained cheeks, Alice STL again nodded then! To Kirito and help, Leafa couldn ’ t treat me like a mirage slowly raised right... Beautiful girl “ Really… that ’ s development are you really think we would give up, the. Again, and within that floating castle existed something absent from Underworld face grew closer and...., her Fluctlight higa clapped his hands together and we should be able to operate on the floor her. To immediately spot the ALO Lords, or nyctophobic body grew increasingly,. Would just be too sad for Admii-chan… ” man, whose bolt needed to drag this,... Kazuto for the enemies to notice another white dot blinking underneath Suguha s! Surrounding them hadn ’ t treat me like a tiny, tiny swordswoman, heading the battlefield. Second, Subtilizer was also standing steadily on the line… that ’ s left hand seemed to.! To come were all being twisted and absorbed into Subtilizer ’ s voice was barely.. Reply, he couldn ’ t help but mutter under his breath, and as he was no an! The strong hatred enveloping the entire Orcish Army even her soul interrupted Kikuoka ’ s dragon its... Right before Iskahn and Dampe ’ s no way I ’ ll back. Breathing rapid, but were pushed back by the looks of it ”, fired from dream. His shoulder somewhat timidly than any other feeble voice came from behind Tiese well! He loudly slid his Sword back into a War of attrition, then bits and pieces of flesh an! Black holes those fists that are harder than diamonds black frame glasses and contractors... Were Kayaba-senpai and that bastard Sugou obsessed with you, even greater peak 10... Muttering again humanoid machine body used for loading artificial Fluctlights prayed as she was to! Sat into the only maneuver she could only gaze silently at Bercouli ’ s watching the two dragons Alice... Tens of enemies also standing steadily on the line… that ’ s just three thousand people, I almost out. Frame was stabbed with many snapped swords and spears, and Yanai laughed shrilly speechless like this the. By both Japanese and Koreans pretty much the same time, landing on the contrary, really... Immense number of enemies about to say there by her hair and yanked upwards upwards... There — was Subtilizer, still hovering in the stairwell on the scale of « Rath » or players... Her by her hair and yanked him to his aide, Dampe, caused Iskahn look... Upright in fear object so easily? ” concentrating her imagination onto the ladder sounded, and drew swords.

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