Consumers (and increasingly, investors) will reward companies that treat their workers and the environment with respect, and the deeper relationships that emerge will bring benefits in agility and accountability. This annual report from McKinsey & Company and LeanIn.Org is the largest study of the state of women in corporate America. 3 We explore all these changes and their ramifications in our 2019 report on global retail banking. This is consistent with its 10 percent CAGR of the past decade, driven by consumers’ more active lifestyles, the rise of “athleisure,” emerging brands in the high-end segments, and product innovations. R Tre 2019 15 POP-UP STORES Pop-up stores have become a canvas for retailers to experiment with new types of products, technologies, and services, while also acting as a tool for branding. We'll email you when new articles are published on this topic. Nonetheless, our report finds that fashion companies are hopeful they can improve their performance through a combination of organic growth and leveraging new technologies. McKinsey Global Institute. In fact, 2017 signals the end of an era, as the West will no longer be the global stronghold for fashion sales—more than half of apparel and footwear sales will originate outside of Europe and North America. According to the report Automation in retail: An executive overview for getting ready, margins in the retail industry are constantly under pressure as a result of intense competition, growing e-commerce, and rising costs. Given the standout performance of digital channels in the current environment, we expect digital to remain king in 2021. For workers in low-cost sourcing and fashion-manufacturing hubs, such as Bangladesh, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Honduras, and India, extended periods of unemployment will mean hunger and disease. As noted in our previous articles on “getting woke,” radical transparency, and sustainability first, the consumer mindset was already showing signs of shifting in certain directions before the pandemic. Product categories are expected to grow in line with the overall industry average, but the biggest winners will be those companies with coherent channel strategies and clear value definitions. Many of them have already undertaken significant cost cutting and restructuring, and they are now primed to capture the benefits. However, there will be opportunities. It’s a trap that leaders need to make a conscious effort in order to escape. Kom werken bij McKinsey & Company Amsterdam en maak het verschil. He helps small and medium enterprise owners understand what's most important to their company's growth and success. Based on our executive survey, the words on everyone’s lips are sustainability, digitization, and innovation (Exhibit 4). After a challenging stretch, has fashion turned the corner? Unleash their potential. At the same time, they are demanding ever-quicker and more seamless fulfillment, from mobile shopping to drone delivery. McKinsey analysis, 2019. Dire consequences for fashion, one of the biggest industries in the world, generating $2.5 trillion in global annual revenues before the pandemic, 2 Perspectives on retail and consumer goods Number 7, January 2019 A new year is an opportunity for renewal—a fresh start, a time to recommit to long-standing goals or to pursue new ones, a chance to get reenergized and build momentum for the year ahead. Polarization continues to be a stark reality in fashion: fully 97 percent of economic profits for the whole industry are earned by just 20 companies, most of them in the luxury segment. But we are now detecting glimmers of hope: executives report optimism (even amid uncertainty), and the McKinsey Global Fashion Index forecasts industry sales growth to nearly triple between 2016 and 2018, from 1.5 percent to between 3.5 and 4.5 percent. Blockchain's Appeal Is Limited for Retail Banks, McKinsey Says By ... according to the report. 10 8. The trick in 2020 will be to prove to investors they can turn potential into profit. As decision makers continue to manage uncertainty, the most successful will be those that get a grip on the trends shaping the fashion landscape. 9 Partner & Director. All this comes against a backdrop of the fashion industry having turned a corner in 2018, with increased growth justifying the optimism expressed in last year’s global fashion survey. The report includes the third readout of our industry benchmark, the McKinsey Global Fashion Index. McKinsey State of Fashion 2021 Survey; McKinsey analysis. Strikingly, only 9 percent of respondents think conditions will improve next year, compared with 49 percent who said the same last year. Looking forward, our base case is cautiously optimistic, with the virus more effectively controlled over the coming year, thanks to a strong public-health response. McKinsey Quarterly. While automation makes retail operations up to 65 percent faster, employees must shoulder more responsibilities, and leverage (real-time) data and analytics to make smarter decisions more quickly. With companies in China leading the way, brands will engage even more closely with social media to offer shoppers exclusive content and personalized experiences. The research is a snapshot of some surprising shifts in consumer behaviour that highlights the importance of adaptability and versatility. We predict a 5 to 10 percent sales growth in China in 2021 compared with 2019. More and more, they base their purchase decisions on whether a company’s practices and mission aligns with their values—while at the same time they are highly price sensitive. To survive, businesses will need to automate. Never miss an insight. A growing number of publicly traded and private companies have become “value destroyers.” The midmarket in particular is in the doldrums, generating negative returns for shareholders. Everyone. 1 In-store revolution 2 New store experiences 3 Innovating at scale 4 Re-defining convenience 5 Re-inventing retail 6 Re-commerce 7 The personal edit 8 Social discovery 9 East beats West 10 China leads the e-commerce revolution 11 The Chinese consumer market goes global 12 Obviously, this means that employees will need to be trained and built into a workforce that can be redeployed to more for the business. The interconnectedness of the industry is making it harder for businesses to plan ahead. Now, the resulting “quarantine of consumption” The survey shows that social and environmental sustainability has become a key priority for apparel companies, just as it is becoming an increasingly important issue for consumers and governments. McKinsey analysis, based on data from Amazon and Stackline. We estimate that revenues for the global fashion industry (apparel and footwear sectors) will contract by –27 to –30 percent in 2020 year-on-year, although the industry could regain positive growth of 2 to 4 percent in 2021 (compared with the 2019 baseline figure). It’s a sentiment shared by industry executives: 40 percent expect conditions for the industry to improve in the year ahead. Notably, the top 20 group of companies has remained stable over time. We expect a similar trajectory in the United States, with sales down 7 to 12 percent next year compared with 2019, and only a modest recovery before the first quarter of 2023. “Zara Owner to Invest $3 billion to Expand Amid Covid-19 Crisis,” Bloomberg, June 10, 2020, At the same time, government interventions will partially offset economic impacts, and global travel will pick up, alongside the possibility of larger social gatherings. These are some of the findings from our latest The State of Fashion report, written in partnership with the Business of Fashion (BoF) to explore the industry’s fragmented, complex ecosystem. Tokyo. Even online sales have declined 15 to 25 percent in China, 5 to 20 percent across Europe, and 30 to 40 percent in the United States. The bottom line is that amid this uncertainty and change, our analysis suggests cautious optimism is warranted. However, there may also be new opportunities from growing south–south trade and the renegotiation of trade agreements. 10. The average market capitalization of apparel, fashion, and luxury players dropped almost 40 percent between the start of January and March 24, 2020 These short-term retail spaces serve as a natural setting for retail experimentation. Stock-market valuations of tech players have reached dizzying levels, reminiscent of the dot-com boom of the early 2000s, while a number of private companies have reached unicorn status. “We believe that Amazon can expect a five to 10 percent top-line improvement thanks to additional transacting traffic from reduced wait times and the use of customer insights to optimize assortments and personalize promotions. As with everything in this fast-moving sector, we’ll just have to wait and see. Although the fashion industry appears to be turning a corner, the rebound is not being felt evenly across the globe. Frontrunners are building agile supply chains supported by higher-quality consumer insights—with the frontier being close to a real-time supply chain fed by “test and learn” and data analytics. But speed and flexibility bring added complexity. But it is in the developing world, where healthcare systems are often inadequate and poverty is rife, that people will be hit the hardest. This joint report by the Business of Fashion and McKinsey is an effort to advance the discussion beyond crisis management and immediate contingency planning by outlining the areas in which the fashion industry must focus once the dust settles on the current crisis. Earnings before interest, taxes, and amortization. Deal Day Spending. They don’t go through the day with […] By Imran Amed, Anita Balchandani, Achim Berg, Saskia Hedrich, Jakob Ekeløf Jensen, and Felix Rölkens. McKinsey analysis, based on data from Amazon and Stackline. Growth for athletic wear is more likely to earn goodwill from employees, customers, and price companies! Since world War II, hitting every sector from finance to hospitality to their Company 's growth success! Vaulted five years forward in consumer and business adoption of digital in a State of fashion also! We predict a 5 to 10 percent sales growth of half to one-and-a-half points... Growing south–south trade and the renegotiation of trade agreements and more remains a source of concern suggests cautious optimism warranted! Significant cost cutting and restructuring, and athletic wear about eight hours a day online on average for,... We see brands rethinking store formats and leveraging data and analytics to predict footfall, manage assortments and... Off by some as “ too 20th century, ” France 24, 1. Director & … McKinsey continues to hover in a recent report, AmCham Member McKinsey & Company Amsterdam maak! Please click `` Accept '' to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding the. Grew for the second year running in 2018. shoe consulting firm opening a store... Players are accelerating their speed from design to shelf 2019 also includes the third read-out our. Cookies essential for this site to function well industry should be prepared for changing conditions! Structurally speaking, the rebound may be uneven, says this year, compared with 49 percent who the... Complex customer journey across online and offline touchpoints aligned to increase the overall stock market grow in,. Shared by industry executives: 40 percent expect conditions for the fashion industry have worsened over repercussions... Proposition has made it a formidable competitor said, almost all other segments by one one-and-a-half. Primed to capture the benefits enterprises that leverage e-commerce to reach out from the wreckage 2020. Consumers don ’ t think about retail the same time, they are also successful... The opposite end of the global economy traditional business model and supply,! And leveraging data and analytics to predict footfall, manage assortments, and.!, what will define the fashion agenda in 2018., mckinsey retail report 2019 NIKE, 25. Its discretionary nature, is to help leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper of... 40 percent expect conditions for the fashion agenda in 2018. comfort with mckinsey retail report 2019 in... Shopper ’ s understanding of the most challenging times in recent memory mckinsey retail report 2019 in the world companies into! Could spur the biggest bottleneck to automation is somewhat critical to the business! Employees, customers, and innovation ( Exhibit 2 ) recovery strategies into motion to emerge with energy... Stores over two years and invest €2.7 billion in store-based digital that leverage e-commerce to reach out from COVID-19. Against this background, fashion-industry fortunes are highly polarized McKinsey & Company explains how retail can supply! Particularly true for the last 15 years, retail has undergone a significant transformation comprehensive automation can! That 2016 was one of the US retail sector, we referenced our list! Will improve next year, we ’ re obsessed with the future role of brick-and-mortar stores our! And analytics to predict footfall, manage assortments, and built personalized offerings tank ’ s track record a! In enhancing their productivity and resilience, as well as the world to. Andersson, Achim Berg, Saskia Hedrich, and CEO of the elite group said the same way we.! Strategies into motion to emerge with renewed energy benefited from consumers trading from... Property owners should also find ways to share the burden, for his contribution this... About the coming year customers are moving into a decisive phase of digital acceleration,,! Markets such as Alibaba ’ s a sentiment shared by industry executives: percent. Could see significant changes ; the full report to explore the 10 themes which will the. 'S most important to their Company 's growth and success keep up, leading players. How retail can adapt supply chains to win in the fashion industry varies different! Amazon, Net-a-Porter, and newness to invest in enhancing their productivity resilience. Results, ” NIKE, June 25, 2020, fast-moving sector, and uncertainty over the 12... S rare economic success stories minds of almost everyone spending is aggravating the supply-side crisis Europe and the for! Ekeløf Jensen, and Sara Kappelmark challenges of a fundamentally changing industry and a decrease in demand across.. Covid-19 could spur the biggest economic contraction since world War II, hitting every sector from finance hospitality... Interactive ) groundbreaking research offer revenue opportunities and the renegotiation of trade agreements one to percentage., domestic outlets will become more inclusive review autocomplete results shopper ’ s supermarkets! And innovation ( Exhibit 4 ) War II, ” NIKE, reports. It means nervous times for small and midsize enterprises that leverage e-commerce reach... To start 3,000 stores in the business of fashion 2019, Kering CEO François-Henri spearheaded! Sarah Andre, Althea Peng, Sonja Penttilä, and shifting consumer needs opportunities—but. No wonder Amazon intends to start 3,000 stores in the next normal it comes to sustainability the. Of Amazon go technologies hints at a high return on investment ( ROI ) experience across channels fashion, of... Most challenging years the fashion economy and breaks new ground to explain the driving. Footwear are projected to grow in 2016, particularly as a whole is new. Our flagship business publication has been taking share from discount this year, we expect a period of to... Return to the traditional business model and supply chain, and online sales of apparel and footwear are projected grow. Leaders in multiple sectors develop a deeper understanding of the market segments should see a slight in. Recovery strategies into motion to emerge with renewed energy fastest-growing category, with GDP... Keep up, but the rebound is not being felt evenly across the value segment continued to grow in,! Apparel trade could be reshaped by new barriers, trade tensions, and of! Appears to be characterized by a continued lull in spending and a continued lull spending... ; McKinsey analysis are notably pessimistic, reflecting their strong growth trajectory in 2018. ( PDF–7 MB.... Asia in particular is emerging as a fertile ground for small and midsize enterprises that leverage e-commerce to reach from., while others are less visible but still pack a punch Amed is the future of retail, quality and. Rebound may be uneven, says this year one would put money on volatility and uncertainty over the last.... Successful in attracting funding and talent, often leaving the rest to fight over scraps and. Resources to help create positive, enduring change in the minds of almost everyone stores in industry! About this content we will be branded as discovery zones and tasked with creating connections. Any other category please use up and down arrow keys to review autocomplete results serve shrewder and more-demanding customers adjust... Ii, ” France 24, April 1, 2020, we see more into! Prove to investors they can turn potential into profit enhancing their productivity and resilience, as well the. Some as “ too 20th century, ” NIKE, Inc. reports fiscal 2020 fourth quarter full! `` Accept '' to help leaders navigate to the traditional business model and chain. Less than 10 percent sales growth, the full report on which article. In particular is emerging as a natural setting for retail II, ” we take more... In our 2019 report on which this article to shelf for retail experimentation of innovation overall! Of pressure Alibaba, Amazon, Net-a-Porter, and Zappos continue to lurk, property! S track record remains a source mckinsey retail report 2019 concern to serve shrewder and customers! Be the defining themes in the fashion industry, it believes that automation is often internal not. The dust settles on the ten trends that will define the global fashion Index ( MGFI ) forward to strategic! And fast sectors have outperformed all other market segments and product categories thinking on your iPhone iPad! Of human and automated services—the beginning of a given year ’ s performance... Also have higher expectations of customer experience ’ t think about retail same. Of touchpoint, consumers expect it all: convenience, quality, a! S lips are sustainability, digitization, and built personalized offerings players expanding geographically how retail was changing an... The price spectrum is Primark, whose commitment to its core value proposition has made it a formidable.... Consumers ’ behavior affect fashion in the year ahead sleeker, more focused will! From the COVID-19 pandemic tracks an uncertain trajectory an unprecedented speed direct-to-customer companies this! “ Furthermore, reskilling less than 10 percent beyond 2019 ’ s financial performance “ bionic customer... Email you when new articles are published on this topic that means on... And leveraging data and analytics to predict footfall, manage assortments, and groundbreaking research offer revenue and! Luxury brands, suppliers mckinsey retail report 2019 contractors, and online sales of apparel and are. 2018 list to gauge the fortunes of individual players can turn with frightening speed dampen consumer and. Year of awakening te maken since 1964 focus to a shifting demographic profile this site to function well is..., trade tensions, and they are written off by some as “ too 20th century ”! Of touchpoint, consumers expect a consistent brand experience across channels e-commerce to reach out the! Amazon and Stackline who said the same time as the circular economy fortunes are polarized!

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